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1. Capital One Quick Silver Rewards (1.5% cash back on all purchases)
2. Slate by Chase (15 months of zero interest on balance transfers with no fees)
3. BarclayArrival World Mastercard (0% Interest for first 12 months for purchases and complimentary FICO score)
4. Bank America Cash Back (Earn 1% Cash Back on all purchases, plus $100 bonus for $500 in spending during first 90 days)
5. Chase Freedom (1% cash back on all purchases, 0% interest rate for purchases during first 15 months)
6. Capital One Venture Rewards (Earn 2 miles for every $1 in purchases)
7. Blue Cash Everyday From AMEX (0% APR for purchases and balance transfers for first 12 months)
8. DiscoverIT (1% cash back on all purchases, free credit scores with monthly statement)
9. Citi Simplicity (Offers a 0% interest rate for the first 18 months for purchases and balance transfers)
10. Citi Thank You Preferred (Earn 1 point on all purchases, 0% interest for 15 months)
11. Bank America Travel Rewards Card (Earn 1.5 points on all purchases, 0% interest for first 12 months on purchases)
12. Barclay Rewards Master Card (1 point on all purchases, 0% interest for first 12 months)
13. Gold Delta Sky Miles (Earn 30,000 bonus miles with $1000 in purchases during first 3 months)
14. American Express Premier Gold Card (Earn 25,000 points if you spend $2000 in first 90 days)
15. Marriott Rewards (Earn 50,000 points with first $1000 in spending during first 90 days)
top 2014 credit cards

2015 promises to be a great year, and we have a comprehensive list of top rewards and points based holiday points and rewards credit card offers and promotions to review.

If you are searching for unbiased opinions from the top finance writers in the industry, then congratulations we hope you find our website, 2015 best credit cards to be the premier destination to help you find the perfect card for your finance goals. Our team of writers searches the net on a daily basis, reviews hundreds of emails, checks multiple mailboxes all with one goal in mind, helping our readers to find the best offers for top cards for their unique goals. One thing is for certain, their are hundreds of credit card offers, from dozens of companies, but only one card that is likely the “best card” for your goals. Finding this perfect card is a goal of our team and we want you to become a raving fan, and tell all of your family and friends that our website helped you navigate the world of consumer finance, to finally get the right card for 2014 and into 2014 for your unique goals.

What makes a good credit card offer for you? Well one of the key elements is having clear defined goals, what are your typical shopping patterns, do you carry a card balance, would cash back be more beneficial than earning rewards or points, these are the critical questions are team of writers thinks about daily before making any recommendations for new credit cards. Once we review all of these factors, we then start to dig deeper, which cards have the best rates, which cards offer low or zero fees, do you need to transfer a credit card balance, how long will the intro or 0% fee last for, what is the break-even point to make the balance transfer a good finance decision. The days of applying for as many cards as arrive in your mailbox are likely over, don’t jeopardize your credit history and credit scores by applying for the wrong cards or too many cards, find the right card for your situation and make sure you are likely to qualify based on the card issuers credit criteria, if you don’t know what your credit looks like, head over to the free website annual credit report dot com to learn more. Happy hunting in 2014 for the best credit cards! Check back for our updated articles, and reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter to learn more about how we can help you.

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